Denham Springs Antique District Yearly Events And Festivals

Not only does the Denham Springs Antique District offer a plethora of stores selling a variety of antiques, each and every year also brings a robust selection of events and festivals that bring townsfolk and those from nearby locations together for a day of undeniable fun. While enjoying these events you’ll be able to take advantage of the South’s most affordable antique shopping and find something special to take back home with you. These events are very much worth your time.

The 2015 Denham Springs Antique district list of events is nothing short of fun for all ages. In April, the Spring Festival comes to town. This festival is fun for all ages, and there are a lot of events to pick from. This includes live concerts and performers, music and art, food, and a plethora of other events. And, of course, you have the chance to visit the antique stores where you never know what you’ll find. In December the Christmas Open House lights up the town square and the holiday spirit is open wide. The lighting of the Christmas tree is just one of the best things that take place at this event. You’ll love the music, games and other fun during this event.

These two events are the biggest and most anticipated taking place in the Denham Springs Antique District area. However, there are always fun festivals and events taking place throughout the year. If you love antiques and fun, there is no better place in the state to find it than at the Denham Springs Antique District.

Old City Hall and Jail Plus Other Historical Buildings

Don’t Leave without a Stop at Old City Hall

The Old City Hall has been a part of Denham Springs for as long as Denham Springs has been around. While the building is no longer operating as a government business, it is very much a place worth a visit if you are going to be visiting the area or if you are a resident of the town that has yet to make their way to this historically important center.

The Old City Hall is where you’ll find the history of the town come alive. Upon entering the building you’ll be taken back to yesteryear where nothing is like it is today.  You’ll be able to explore the courthouse and the jail that existed in Denham Springs’ early years, and there isn’t a question these will leave you with thrilling memories. There is a guide who provides a tour of the facility, so you can explore and learn as you go.

Tours of the Old City Hall can be made on a daily basis. The facility is open 7 days per week, so there is always a good time for the visit to be made. The building has restrooms available, with outside free parking also offered.

For anyone who enjoys history and learning, a visit to the Old City Hall is in order. There isn’t a better place in the Livingston Parrish area to learn more about Denham Springs and the times that have long passed us by. If you are visiting the area, do not leave until you’ve had the chance to fully explore the Old City Hall. It is a remarkable journey that you’ll never forget.